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Comedy Health Education

The First Annual Rx Laughter Retreat for Families
Spring 2006

The First Annual Rx Laughter Family Retreat event takes place in the Spring of 2006 on the beautiful Big Sur Coast of California. A small number of pediatric patients with neuromuscular & immune deficiency illnesses and their families will learn how to perform improvisational comedy routines amidst a beautiful, inspirational camp setting on the magical Big Sur Coast. 

"Taught" informally by comedy professionals & overseen medically by a Pediatric Specialist Medical Team, this weekend Retreat is going to be a fun activity for the patients, siblings & parents to forget about their daily struggles and use comedy to feel more empowered, confident & renewed. We plan on educating the child & their family in a very upbeat, comfortable way on how humor -- and a sense of humor - can help them through the challenges that they face each day with each other!

If you would like to Sponsor a child & their family, please send your contribution to the address below, with a note specifying your wishes that your donation be for this Retreat. Please note that your contribution will be listed on this site in a special page, as well as publicized in brochure materials about our Event. If you would prefer that your your donation be anonymous, please advise us and we will be happy to comply with your wishes. The Sponsorship amounts are as follows:

$500 for 1 pediatric patient to attend (includes all camp costs for each child's attendance for the weekend) 

$2,500 per family (1 pediatric patient, 2 sibling & their parents)

Please send your donation, along with a note stating your sponsorship request, to: 
Rx Laughter Family Retreat Event 
Attention: Sherry Dunay Hilber, Founder 
Post Office Box 143 
Cambria, California 93428

To Sponsor the event for 5 or more families, please contact Sherry Dunay Hilber directly at RxLproject@aol.com or via phone at 805 927-4197. 

Thank you.

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