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"Hidden within every problem lies an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem."

- Albert Einstein

Message from Founder:
"Those who do not know me sometimes have an image of a bubbly, cheerful person overflowing with relentless positivity and laughter, who espouses putting on a happy face as some sort of magical elixir for our problems. I want to share that is not the case. Far from it. I founded Rx Laughter in 1998 because I saw the need for more kindness, respect and compassion by those in the medical world for all of us who are going through any kind of illness or problem affecting our well being. Bringing a greater understanding of how the brain and the body work together. Anxiety. Fear. Isolation. Loneliness. These are real issues that affect health and can impede healing and mortality. Perhaps I could have more aptly called it "Rx Humor" instead, as it is all too easy for Rx Laughter to be reduced to a lighthearted "laughter cures all" simplistic-thinking charity. Rest assured, that is not my view nor the views of anyone connected with Rx Laughter. This is important work, this reduction of pain and lack of coping resources during rough times. As someone once said, "laughter is serious business." I hope we can further ease pain and suffering, and spread our message of compassionate care throughout the medical community, in a meaningful, substantive way for decades to come." Sherry Hilber. February 2, 2017


Rx Laughter Mission, Values and Methods:

Rx Laughter is a 501c3 public charity. We were founded in 1998 by ABC and CBS veteran primetime programming executive Sherry Hilber.  We began as a laughter research charity for children with physical illnesses at the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center, learning how comedy can alleviate pain and anxiety for children during a painful medical procedure.  Based on the successful findings of this lab research,  Rx Laughter has since expanded into therapeutic and education programs that uses the power of comedy care to improve coping, communication and quality of life for those struggling with serious emotional and physical challenges. Our programs are volunteer-based.   We honor and respect each individual's needs and we adhere to privacy rules.  Photos and other information about children are included only after parental consent is given to Rx Laughter.

Through the power of comedy, we help the individual recharge so that he/she can meet and face serious emotional and physical challenges with a renewed soul and spirit, leading to improved healing and long term well-being.  We do not perform psychotherapy and we do not touch upon issues that will create anxiety or stress.

Comedy brings immediate relief from pain and sadness. This is especially helpful in the short term, giving us a chance to recharge and renew from the exhausting emotional and physical effects of illness.  We have implemented Rx Laughter therapy programs for pediatric patients to help them cope with serious medical conditions such as chronic pain, recovery from surgery, bone marrow treatments, critical isolation care, infusion treatments, addictions, depression, trauma, anger and anxiety. We relieve pain and offer freedom from the constant reminders of illness, pain and fear. This allows patients to feel like a "normal" person, to laugh, feel less alone, and to cope with the treatments with renewed energy. For much more about our Research, Therapeutic, Educational and Digital programs, see all of our Wellness Projects pages.

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