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"Laughter is the tonic, the surcease, the relief from pain."

- Charlie Chaplin


"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand"
- Mark Twain


Breaking: 2019 Rx Laughter Focus: therapeutic entertainment prescription to reduce dependence on opioids

Rx Laughter is newly committed this year to research examining and implementing the potential benefits of uplifting humorous entertainment and pain control for children and adults. This follows our original UCLA medical journal published research project. that suggested a connection for children in pain. http://www.rxlaughter.org/journal_article.html Legacy, Seed Funding and Strategic corporate and individual Sponsorshop campaign sought. Contactrxlaughter@gmail.com (Att: Sherry Hilber CEO)


The Rx Laughter Digital Wellness Center links:

Wellness Projects category on top of this website home page for general info about these and our at-hospital programs.


Our missions are two-fold: 1) To bring gravitas to the concept of humor and comedy as a coping and health resource within the medical community, and 2) To develop & implement high quality therapeutic, educational and research humor programs for youth and adults coping with serious physical and emotional challenges. Click on Photos below to link to our pages.







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