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Wellness Projects

"He who laughs, lasts." - Mary Pettibone Poole



Student Pair Up programs

Rx Laughter Student Pair Up Program - Hospital on-site visits:

If you know of a special child who is going through a difficult time and could use some special cheering up in the hospital, just let us know and we will put together a visit from students at your local university. Many sorority, fraternity and performing arts students, espescially if affiliated with the on campus medical center, are interested in volunteering with our Program. They can play games, sing songs, share funny jokes, and more. Email us at ContactRxLaughter@gmail.com and type "Pair Up" in Subject. We are here to help.

Rx Laughter Student Pair Ups include the UCLA Pediatric Outpatient Infusion Clinic in California, Gracemont Assisted Living Center in Georgia, and in Massachusetts the Highpoint Treatment Center Adolescent addiction center and the McLean-Franciscan Hospital inpatient behavioral disorders unit for Children and Adolescents.

Rx Laughter Student Hospital Pair Up Program - Hospital Digital Visits:

Overview and Information for Teachers & Students:
Produce and/or "star" in a clip that uses media arts technology as part of digital health care to 'pair up" your uplifting creativity with under-served and isolated young adults and families who are struggling with difficult life challenges. These student clips offer hope, encouragement and support in a fun way using innovative arts as a positive force in humor therapy and education. Animation, dance, music, interesting visual media -- all are great! .

Our new Facebook page for the clips are at www.facebook.com/RxLStudentPairUp. Anyone who is a student of any age is invited to participate. This can be for your class credit as a special project or as part of a required course. Please check with your school for possible credit from your teacher if you are a student. If not, it is a wonderful volunteer project of its own!

The purpose of the Rx Laughter Student Pair Up program is to:

  • Support and encourage virtual, uplifting, entertaining, comforting digital "visits" to reach youth and families in distress who are confined to hospital rooms or are too sick for visitors (Isolation, ICU, hospices) and are in isolated, rural areas.
  • Foster relationships between students of comedy and performing arts and children who are coping with serious physical and emotional illnesses to provide relief and comfort for them and their families.
  • Enlighten and encourage hospitals about the benefits of compassionate care and the use of digital technology to help critically ill patients through this program.
  • Offer the opportunity to students to have their work seen by top entertainment industry professionals who might not see their work otherwise.
  • Recognize and honor the student(s) and the school for their volunteer participation as role models for others to do the same.

Note: This is not a contest. We suggest that teachers offer this project as a class credit or include as part of an existing class curriculum if possible.

For questions from teachers or students, or to send us your student clip, please email us. Please type "Rx L Student Pair Up" in the Subject Line We would love to hear from you. We will post it along with your name, name of school if appropriate, and a link to your school's web page.

Our main Facebook page with public postings and updates about our projects for our Facebook Friends is at www.facebook.com/contactrxlaughter

Thank you.